Technology suite

Moltex is developing a suite of reactor technologies that can be deployed individually or jointly.

Moltex’s Stable Salt Reactor – Wasteburner (SSR-W), WAste To Stable Salt (WATSS) recycling process, and GridReserve thermal energy storage tanks together allow the generation of inexpensive electricity that can be dispatched as needed, complementing intermittent renewable sources such as wind and solar.

Technologies under development


The Stable Salt Reactor – Wasteburner (SSR-W) is a fast reactor that uses recycled nuclear waste as fuel.


WAste To Stable Salt (WATSS) is a process in which nuclear waste is recycled to produce fuel suitable for a fast reactor.


GridReserve is a series of tanks used to store thermal energy from a reactor and dispatch it to the grid when needed. 

Moltex technology is uniquely positioned to deliver clean, low-cost energy, addressing climate change, reducing energy poverty and spurring economic development.

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