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(developing the SSR-W and WATSS).

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The world needs clean energy...

At Moltex, we are transforming the energy supply with inherently safe nuclear reactors that deliver clean energy at a lower cost than coal or gas.

We have the technology to transform the energy landscape, ushering in a new age of clean, low-cost energy for all.

Our design is smaller, simpler and inherently safe, making it low-cost to build and operate.

We recycle waste from existing nuclear power stations, and use it to produce more clean energy.

We can store energy and supply it to the grid as needed, enabling intermittent renewables.

We can produce heat for hydrogen, replacing the need for fossil fuels in heating, transport and industry.

We are working through approval processes in Canada, through to construction of our first reactor for NB Power. Thereafter the global market is almost inconceivably large.

The speed at which we can get waste-burning reactors built will determine how quickly we can start to roll back global CO2, contribute to a healthier planet, and improve people’s lives.

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