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To reach net-zero emissions, every aspect of modern life needs to be decarbonized.

Electricity only represents about 20 per cent of our total energy use. Solutions are required for heating (domestic and industrial), heavy industry (on- and off-grid), and transportation (by land, air and sea).

The vast majority of society’s non-electricity energy needs are met with fossil fuels because these fuels are inexpensive and widely available. Hydrogen is a potential substitute for fossil sources, but it is only as clean as the energy sources that produce it in the first place.

The Stable Salt Reactor – Wasteburner (SSR-W) offers a way to produce clean, low-cost hydrogen. Because it generates a large amount of heat, the SSR-W can support ultra-efficient hydrogen production processes, without any carbon emissions and at a lower cost than oil or gas. It means that hydrogen no longer has to be either green or low-cost; now it can be both.

The hydrogen economy has the same economic requirements as electricity generation. For the energy transition to happen in time to help the climate, the clean solutions must be cheaper than the dirty ones.

SSR-W role in hydrogen economy

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