Our first reactor

Moltex is working on a project to licence and construct the first-of-a-kind waste-burning reactor in New Brunswick, Canada.

From over 90 applications, NB Power selected the Stable Salt Reactor – Wasteburner (SSR-W) as one of two reactors it intends to build at the Point Lepreau site.

Having completed the Vendor Design Review phase 1 (VDR1) with the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission, Moltex will soon move on to VDR2 and then to the application for the necessary licences.

The team in New Brunswick is growing fast. Attracted by the prospect of working on cutting-edge technology with the potential to solve climate change, Moltex has recruited leading scientists and engineers from around the world.

Moltex has also attracted top talent locally thanks to a mature nuclear cluster that includes NB Power operations and the resulting supply chain.

With support from the Canadian government, who have made it clear nuclear power will be “front and centre” of Canada’s emissions reduction strategy, Moltex is on its way to having an operational reactor by the early 2030s.


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