Moltex participates in Canada-Wales digital trade mission

Saint John, New Brunswick (Thursday, January 21, 2021)Moltex Energy is pleased to be participating in a digital trade mission to explore bilateral opportunities in Canada, the United Kingdom and other markets of interest to Welsh and Canadian organizations.

This virtual trade mission, a learning and business-to-business event, is being hosted by the Government of Wales with support in Canada from the Organization of Canadian Nuclear Industries, the Canadian Nuclear Association and Natural Resources Canada. Moltex is participating in a roundtable discussion on Thursday, January 28, along with other New Brunswick organizations.

“We look forward to learning more about the opportunities for SMR development in Wales, as well as sharing more information about our technology, and the advantages it offers in terms of cost, safety and versatility,” said Rory O’Sullivan, Chief Executive Officer, North America, Moltex Energy.

Wales has a long history of involvement in the nuclear industry. The Welsh government is currently establishing a technology company to bring forward the potential for an SMR/AMR, a research reactor and work around medical isotopes.

In addition, North Wales is home to an Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre, the Nuclear Futures Institute at Bangor University and the proposed Thermal Hydraulic Test Facility which will provide a new generation of reactors with a state-of-the-art experimental research and test facility to underpin the validation of computer modelling and support the safety cases for new reactor designs. 

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About Moltex:

Moltex is a privately held company striving to solve the world’s most critical challenge: providing sufficient clean, reliable and affordable energy. In collaboration with innovators and energy experts, the company is developing a small modular reactor that will help keep fossil fuels in the ground. Moltex was selected by NB Power and the Government of New Brunswick to progress development of its reactor technology in New Brunswick, Canada, with the aim of deploying its first reactor at the Point Lepreau site as early as 2030. 

Media contact:

Erin Polka
Director of Communications
Moltex Energy

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