Inventor of Stable Salt Reactor Technology addresses Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, India

Dr Ian Scott, our Managing Partner, received a welcoming and enthusiastic reception from India’s leading nuclear scientists and engineers at the Thorium Energy Conference 15, which is being held at the Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, India’s premier nuclear R&D centre, near Mumbai.

After a period of enthusiasm in the 1970s, India is once again seriously investigating the potential of Molten Salt Reactors. Our scalable, economical and intrinsically-safe Stable Salt Reactor Technology (SSRT) would be a perfect match for rapidly-developing India’s energy needs.

Dr Scott said, “It was a great privilege to introduce Moltex’s Stable Salt Reactor Technology to India’s leading nuclear experts and I was delighted by their very positive reaction. One of SSRT’s unique advantages is its exceptional fuel cycle flexibility, which would enable reactors with SSRT to meet India’s key needs of energy security, low cost, and large-scale reliable electricity without emitting air pollution or greenhouse gases.”

Thanks to all at the International Thorium Energy Organization for organizing the conference.

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