Moltex and ARC Clean Technology support provincial small modular reactor supply chain event

Saint John, New Brunswick (Wednesday, October 4, 2023) Moltex Energy Canada Inc. (Moltex) and ARC Clean Technology Canada, Inc. (ARC) are participating in a small modular reactor (SMR) supply chain event today at the Saint John Trade & Convention Centre.

Hosted by Opportunities NB, the event is intended to prepare companies to support a thriving SMR supply chain in New Brunswick.

“SMRs will enrich New Brunswick’s economy, and having suppliers and services in place prior to construction and deployment will be crucial,” said Rory O’Sullivan, CEO, Moltex. “New Brunswick has a longstanding commitment to nuclear energy, and we want to ensure that this translates into tangible opportunities for New Brunswickers.”

Under the theme of “A Collaborative Journey Towards Net Zero,” the event underlines the importance of working together to ensure SMRs play a pivotal role in the clean energy transition. Those attending include suppliers, manufacturers, government officials, Indigenous and nuclear industry leaders, and representatives from Moltex and ARC.

“New Brunswick is a first mover in the SMR industry,” said Bill Labbe, President & CEO, ARC Clean Technology. “Momentum is building, and the time has come for us to work together to build the plan for a robust SMR supply chain that will bring significant economic benefits to our province.”

With plans to deploy two of the world’s first advanced SMRs New Brunswick stands to benefit from this pioneering initiative by becoming a hub of SMR expertise and supply chain services. Not only will this create economic growth and job opportunities, but it also reinforces the province’s commitment to a cleaner, more sustainable energy future.

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Erin Polka 

Sandra Donnelly
ARC Clean Technology

About Moltex:   

Moltex Energy Canada Inc. (Moltex) is a Canadian IP company and nuclear technology leader that has caught the attention of governments, utilities and investors worldwide. It is developing three unique technologies: a Stable Salt Reactor – Wasteburner (SSR-W) that uses recycled nuclear waste as fuel; a WAste To Stable Salt (WATSS) process for recycling nuclear waste to produce SSR-W fuel; and GridReserve thermal energy storage tanks, enabling the SSR-W to act as a peaking plant. Moltex was selected by NB Power to progress development of its reactor technology in New Brunswick, Canada, with the goal of deploying first-of-a-kind SSR-W, WATSS and GridReserve units at the Point Lepreau site.

About ARC:

ARC Clean Technology Canada, Inc. (ARC) is a clean energy technology company developing the ARC-100, an advanced small modular reactor (aSMR) offering inherently safe, reliable, and economical carbon free power. Leveraging proven technology from the 30-year performance of its prototype, the ARC-100’s simple, modular design provides 100 megawatts of electricity and industrial heat that will be cost competitive with fossil fuels. Important applications include the decarbonization of heavy industry, the fueling of low-carbon hydrogen projects, and the creation of life-saving medical isotopes. The ARC-100 has been selected by New Brunswick Power for implementation on their Point Lepreau site with completion by the end of this decade. This will make it the first grid-scale Generation IV aSMR deployed in Canada. ARC Clean Technology Canada, Inc. has offices in Saint John, New Brunswick and is a subsidiary of ARC Clean Technology Inc. based in Washington, DC.


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