In today’s nuclear reactors, the fission reaction takes place at very high pressures and produces radioactive gases, presenting major inherent risks. The nuclear industry has successfully handled these risks and nuclear power today is acceptably safe. The downside is that these safety measures come at an enormous cost, and have made current nuclear power unaffordable without significant government or consumer subsidy.

In a Molten Salt Reactor, the gases are not produced and the reaction takes place at atmospheric pressure, so explosive release of radioactive products is not possible. Also the reaction slows down as the temperature rises, and so the system is self-damping. The net effect is to simplify the engineering massively and thereby to significantly reduce the size and cost of the reactor. The SSR will be one eighth of the cost of a current nuclear reactor of the same output and cheaper even than coal or gas.

This technology has been understood for decades, but there were a number of difficult engineering challenges which we have now solved. The Moltex Energy Stable Salt Reactor is the result: clean, cheap and safe electricity generation.

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