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Moltex was founded on a belief that nuclear power should be leading the fight against climate change, combined with a frustration that it wasn’t fulfilling this role to its full potential.

As nuclear power became increasingly expensive, Moltex Chairman & Chief Scientist Ian Scott wondered why other forms of fission were being ignored. His research led him to molten salt reactors with their inherent safety features and to a simple (and now patented) way to address their major engineering challenge.

When tackling the issue of de-carbonizing our energy supply, cost is key. We cannot enable global economic development by making energy more expensive. Coal fired power stations are still being built because coal is cheap.

So, our vision became clear: Moltex will reduce the cost of clean energy for the whole world, eliminating the need for fossil fuels. It is a question of economics. If we can make nuclear power cheap enough, de-carbonization will follow as a natural consequence.

Our design philosophy is a byproduct of our vision. We design technology that is inherently safe and we ensure the engineering is as simple as possible. In short, our reactors are safe and simple, making them inexpensive to build and operate.

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