On this page you can learn more about our breakthrough Stable Salt Reactors and about why we need a new nuclear solution to power the world.

Technical papers on the Stable Salt Reactor technology

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Independent comment on the Stable Salt Reactor

Energy Process Developments:
"Feasibility of Developing a Pilot Scale Molten Salt Reactor in the UK" concluding that the Stable Salt Reactor was the most promising among all molten salt fuelled reactors

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Platt's Energy Economist on the Stable Salt Reactor

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Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, Daily Telegraph.
Technology revolution in nuclear power could slash costs below coal

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Dr Ian Scott's interview with Stephen Tindale, Weinberg Next Nuclear

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Part Two

Part Three

Dr Ian Scott speaking at a joint meeting of the Institutes of Mechanical and Chemical Engineering in Nov 2015.

Dr. Ian Scott speaking at the
Thorium Energy Conference 2015
in Mumbai, India.

Moltex Energy's Founders
on Atomic Insights'
Atomic Show

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