Moltex Energy is a privately-held British company set up to solve the world's most pressing challenge: safe and economical clean energy.

We are nuclear company like no other. Harnessing a major scientific breakthrough and the latest technology, we are developing radically better nuclear reactors to safely, cleanly and economically power the planet in the 21st century.
We are based in the UK but actively collaborate with experts, companies and institutions from around the world. Dozens of nuclear experts worldwide have reviewed our breakthrough Stable Salt Reactors and have found no flaws. In July 2015 independent consultancy Energy Process Developments released its assessment of six Molten Salt Reactors (MSR), which found our Stable Salt Reactors the most promising MSR technology for the UK. We have already secured broad-sweeping international patents for Stable Salt Reactors and are moving towards the demonstration stage.

We hope you share our vision for a healthy, prosperous and energy-abundant planet.

The Team

Ian Scott
Dr Ian Scott
Managing Partner and co-Founder

Ian went to Cambridge University to study nuclear physics, but was seduced during his first year by the excitement of the biological sciences and made his career in that field. He became Chief Scientist for Unilever plc before leaving to start an entrepreneurial drug discovery company. In 2012 he became bemused by how nuclear energy had gone from being "too cheap to meter" to too expensive to afford and determined to try to remedy that flaw. The result was his invention of the Stable Salt Reactor and the creation of Moltex Energy.
John Durham
John Durham
Partner and co-Founder

An active philanthropic environmentalist, John has been focused on innovative ways of influencing UK policy to tackle climate change since his retirement from the software industry in 2005. He co-founded the Weinberg Foundation with Bryony Worthington and through the Foundation met Ian Scott. He saw the enormous potential of the Stable Salt Reactor and formed a partnership with Ian, Moltex Energy LLP, to help bring this potentially world saving technology off paper and into reality.

Scientific Advisory Panel

The Stable Salt Reactor concept and design has benefited immensely from critical and constructive input from dozens of the worlds leading scientists in the field. Several of these have been kind enough to agree to help Moltex Energy as members of our Advisory Panel.
Tim Abram
Westinghouse Professor of Nuclear Fuel technology, University of Manchester

Derek Fray
FRS, FR Eng, Director of Research, Cambridge University

Paul Littler
Nuclear Technical Director, Atkins Ltd
Tony Roulston
Lecturer Nuclear Energy, Cambridge University, former MD Rolls Royce Nuclear

Paul Madden
FRS, Provost Queens College Oxford

Nial Greeves
Head of Nuclear, Fraser-Nash Consultancy